Reading List

A list of inspiring books I am currently reading (in no particular order):

  • Unquiet Landscape: Places & Ideas in 20th Century English Painting by Christopher Neve
  • Arcadia Revisited: The Place of Landscape by Vicki Berger
  • Landscape, Place and Identity by Dr Catherine Brace
  • An Historical Atlas of Norfolk by Trevor Ashwin
  • Ancient Landscapes, Pastoral Visions: Samuel Palmer to the Ruralists by Anne Anderson
  • Flowers of the Norfolk Coast by Simon Harrap
  • Country by Jasper Conran
  • Knowing Your Place: East Anglian Landscapes and Literature by Peter Tolhurst
  • Water Marks: Art in East Anglia by Ian Collins
  • Cutting Away: The Linocuts of Robert Gillmor
  • Calm: Photographs of the Coast by Harry Cory Wright
  • Knowing Your Place: East Anglian Landscapes and Literature by Richard Mabey
  • The Green Fuse: Pastoral Vision in English Art by Jerrold Northrop Moore
  • John Hurst’s Norfolk Coastal Colours by John Hurst
  • Plants and Places by Angie Lewin
  • East Anglia: walking the ley lines and ancient tracks by Shirley Toulson
  • Elements of the North Norfolk Coast by David North & Martin Hayward Smith
  • Wide Skies: A Century of Painting and Painters in Norfolk by Adrienne May & Brian Watts
  • Seahenge by Francis Pryor
  • The Return of the Tide On the Saltmarsh Coast of North Norfolk edited by Ian Scott & Richard Worsley
  • Norfolk: A Shell Guide by Wilhelmine Harrod & CLS Linnell
  • Brian Ryder: Painting Atmospheric Landscapes by Adrian Hill
  • Wild Skeins and Winter Skies: Paintings and observations of Pink-footed Geese by James McCallum
  • North Norfolk, a Painted Landscape: A Painter’s Diary by Rachel Lockwood
  • Holkham: the social, architectural and landscape history of a great English country house by Christine Hiskey
  • Crossing the Bar: Tales of Wells Harbour by Robert Smith
  • Norfolk Gardens and Designed Landscapes by Patsy Dalles, Roger Last and Tom Williamson
  • Once Upon a Tide by Godfrey Sayers


  • Watercolour Sky by William Riviere
  • Salt by Jeremy Page
  • The Widow’s Tale by Mick Jackson
  • Fen by Daisy Johnson

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